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New product suggestion


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Just in case anyone from Arcam takes any notice, I would love to see an FMJ equivalent of the DT91 DAB/FM tuner.

I know DAB isn't really a hi-fi medium, and this reason has been used in the past for not including it in the tuner FMJ product, but with FM included (as the DT91), that argument evaporates.

Just repackaging the DT91 will suffice for me.



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I'm waiting for Arcam to produce an FMJ Freeview receiver to replace their once-produced Nicam TV tuner. It's probably a long shot, but given Arcam's expertise in video and audio, it would be nice to able to use a box that's built to a decent specification, rather than price, so as to get the best out of DTV.

Any chance, Arcam? I'l be a beta tester! ;-)



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I, for one, would be interested in a box that could be coupled with an AV amp to provide quality upscaling of video signals.


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Well put ianh:

I currently own a Diva based system CD192 CD player / DT91 Tuner / A80 Amp and it all sound pretty good. My next upgrade will most likely be on to the FMJ rung of the upgrade ladder but the current FMJ T31 tuner appears to be nothing more than a T61 in an FMJ case.

When I auditioned the DT91 I chose it over T61 purely based on FM performance alone. Its FM section is miles ahead of any other FM tuner in this price category (Based on the trials here in Australia, I am still yet to be convinced that DAB has any real HiFi merit). It’s the only tuner I have heard that doesn’t suffer from the 16 KHz pilot tone breakthrough. This due to Arcam’s implantation of the Radioscape RS200L DAB/FM digital tuner/decoder module and Arcam has really come home with the goods on its implementation of this technology.

To produce an FMJ version of this Tuner and to squeeze even more sonic performance out of an already brilliant product would be an excellent achievement for Arcam and a first class addition to the FMJ product range. Please don’t give us silly gimmicks like TV tuners or Digital set top box add-ons. I haven’t bothered with the AV side of things because every AV system I have heard (including the Arcam stuff) stinks when it come to reproducing music.

I do have one more request to add though. Why is it that all my current diva (and FMJ) products have the remote standby / power off codes listed in the manual but none of the supplied handsets can actually power on or off the devices? Is this to encourage users to purchase even more expensive remote controls? Please Mr Arcam, can you start putting the remote power on/off codes into the supplied hand-sets. :lease:

So Kudos to you Ianh for suggesting it and a thank you to Mr Arcam if he can pull it off, and when I upgrade to an FMJ based music system I can have a Tuner to cosmetically (and musically) match the performance of the rest of the Arcam FMJ separates based system.


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