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CES: Micromega’s AirStream WM-10 Wireless Digital Music Player | AVguide

According to someone who knows about audio this device sounds hi-end and blows away sonos etc..

Interestingly it incorporates an Apple Airport Express has its own DAC ... and no doubt has all the attributes of other Micromega products, but take a look at the insides :eek: doesnt look much for an estimated £1000. I guess that these devices dont need large power supply's or any other circuitry dealing with a spinning mechanical parts


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>but take a look at the insides<

The Squeezebox Transporter isn't exactly chock-a-block inside the case either...

Still at least they've replaced the PSU, unlike those chaps who simply wrapped an Oppo DVD inside another case and pumped up the price by £1000.
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Being fair, you'd expect it to outperform a Sonus at the cost. The problem is that it doesn't compete with the Sonus, it competes with the the entry level Linn DS kit and units like the SB+. I'd be interested to hear how it performed against them.
As for the PSU, well lets just say that's it's more than a little smaller than the one used in the SB+.

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