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new problem with cambridge audio m1 remote

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Control & Remote Controls' started by graham.maureen, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. graham.maureen


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    Hi there
    I am new to the page but found it when searching for help to deal with a brand new problem with my 4 year old cambridge audio m1 remote

    I have had no problems with the remote until 2 days ago.
    I recently noticed inthe last few weeks my remote seemed to be resetting the dvd controls to the default page (not the programmed page-where i added the vcr control buttons.) I didn't think too much about it but now after I hit a component button and the screen lights up, I am able to change components but do nothing else. As soon as I try another function after selectign a component he "OK" button comes on and doesn't go off.The remote basically stays frozen-only taking the batteries out again helps but still it freezes after any button is touched after a component is selected.

    Any ideas on what to do? The batteries appear to be new still-
    any one have a email address for tech support at Cambridge Audio
    Any one know who services these in Ontario Canada?

    Graham Stuart
    Belleville Ontario Canada

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