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Am thinkin about changing my stereo power amplification from the biamp Musical fidelity configuration I have at the moment, the MFs output 200wpc for the monoblocs and 100wpc for the stereo power. I would like a minimum of 200WPC, any suggestions?


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Try this. With shipping and duty it works out around £520 for a stereo pair. I've been itching to try it but haven't had the guts so far. :)


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Depending on budget,you could also try Krell,Levinson,Theta,Bryston and several others,incl Meridian.
You'll obviously be looking for a step up in sound quality at least,I'd have thought,and these should give you a bit of scope for a look around.

Also worth looking at in terms of used amps....all of the above.


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I recently changed from a Rotel 1095 to a Krell KAV250a/3 channel for my front 3 speakers - I saw a few 2 channel KAV250s going 2nd hand for pretty reasonable money. The amp is 250wpc into 8ohms. It's a wonderful sounding amp, oh, and by the way, my front 3 are B&W Nautilus 805sigs + HTM2.

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Unilet Sound & Vision have got their blue murder sale starting on May 1st. They have fairly big discounts on all their products and hold a very wide range. Noticed they have some cracking deals on Chord amps if your budget can stretch to it (SPM600, down from £2330 to £1599 - new). I had a demo there of some Chord amps through a set of Kef reference speakers and it was the cleanest sound I have ever heard. Effortless power, tons of detail and completely clear. All of the recomendations mentioned above will put a big grin on your face, but I'd love a set of Chords. Got my eye on their DSP8000 processor thats going for halfprice!


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A chap called Operandi is/was selling a Chord SPM1200c in the classifieds which may be worth a look.

I bought some speakers stands from him and he is a thoroughly nice chap who looks after his kit.


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Audio-T have an ex-dem Meridian 558.2, x5 channel power amp at £1995.
This thing is huge, both physically and in power.
Heard it when i demo'd one of their DVD players and it was very neutral and drove the speakers, PMC, like an Audi Quattro.
I had a Bryston 9B at the time and always thought that it was more suited to music not movies.


A chap called Operandi is/was selling a Chord SPM1200c in the classifieds which may be worth a look.

Actually my Chord SPM 1200C is still for sale. I would suggest that you PM me very soon if you are interested. This is a superb amp and very little else comes close, apart from bigger Chords of course. :)

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