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Hi I have a 5 x 4.5 metre bedroom that I'm considering putting a 1080p projector in. It will mainly be used for my xbox and blu-rays and i just have a few questions that I hope some of your will be able to help me with so i cant decided what I want to do.

Firstly I've been reading through the forum in regards to the decoration of the room an realise that the best would be black velvet lined walls, but because its my bedroom I dont want that so the walls and ceiling will be white. Will this make the image totally rubish or will it still be good just not brilliant.

Secondly after researching projectors the Optoma HD200X has come to my attention and I was just woundering if anyone has got one or could advise me about something better. Im thinking of spending under £1000.

I was also woundering if someone could give me a list of everything im going to need e.g projector, audio, media hub



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Black walls aren't essential, am using mine in a sitting room with normal beige walls, the key thing is light control and even then mine is pretty good (just standard curtains although they're nice and thick but covering a huge window). I know the Sanyo Z700/800 are meant to be pretty good but not sure how they compare to others. Happy hunting :)


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Ditto mine is in the living room and it is a beige wall the screen is on and white ceiling and its still amazing it just depends on how pedantic you are:D

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