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Apr 15, 2002
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New post seeing as the 1st was a bit confusing.

Having mounted the pj and the screen, I seem to have a run out on the bottom of the screen, ie say 43" at the left and 45" at the right, the top seems to run level, also on the left and right sides of the screen, the picture seems to run at a angle widening at the bottom of the picture, if I use Ketstone the angle goes, but the light at the back of the picture is still there.

Any Ideas, will try and post some piccies up later when I find some webspace, lol




Like theritz said, perhaps your screen is not perfectly parallel with where the projector is? In other words is the left hand side of the screen nearer the pj than the right?

Can you tilt the pj slightly to compensate? Is it possible your screen itself is wonky? Have you actually measured the drop of material both sides? Is it equal?
Andy, it looks like my pj is slightly off, i'e 43cms form the wall on the left and 41.5cms on the right, I will re-adjust it all, and the screen will need to be moved, lol

Lets hope that sorts it out,

I had a similar situation when I installed my first pj. I didn't realise it was off center, and lining it up with the screen meant I had rotated it to the right a little, so one side was closer than the other and I had the same result as you.

Moving the projector to the right will center it up more, and then you should eliminate the sideways keystoning you're seeing. I couldn't move my screen due to the sloping roof, but it might be easier to move the screen because you can have the pj running and project onto the wall, then rotate it till the image is square. You'll know where to put the screen then.

In the same way you get keystoning at the sides if you tilt the pj up or down, having it pointing to the left or right will produce a similar effect to the top or bottom. Because projectors have an off-set to project up (or down if inverted), one side (the top or bottom) tends to stay straight, while the other runs off.

Because your mount is off the centreline, you have it rotated slightly off straight ahead to compensate which is giving you keystone issues. If you go for the moving the screen option, you would cancel the slight PJ rotation and point it straight ahead, then remount the screen an inch or so to the left (I assume you meant inches rather than cm)

However I see you have a bit of overscan at top and bottom aswell and assuming you are an max/min zoom and have no way to correct this with the zoom ring then you are better going with remounting the PJ ceiling mount to correct both issues. Ie as well as moving the mount to the right to correct the keystoning you would move it forward a bit to correct the overscan.

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