New Portable DAP advice and in car audio compatability


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Hey everyone,

This is my first post although I have been looking over the forums the past few weeks.

Basically I want to upgrade my minidisc player to MP3 player. Currently I mostly use my minidiscs in my in car mini disc player but have decided instead of having to swap minidiscs constantly I would rather have all music on the one thing.

I am after a MP3 player and am thinking of getting the new Ipod video but am willing to listen to other suggestions. Also I like playing my tracks on shuffle, but was wondering if I have an ipod and you put it on shuffle then it would play all the songs on shuffle which would suck. Can you select which songs it shuffles or what?

Also I am wanting to easily connect it to my current in car minidisc player or if push comes to shove buy another in car stereo that will allow me to connect the ipod. Whats the best/cheapest way of doing this?

Thanks for any advice you guy/girls can give me.


Sounds like the iPod is ideal for you.

There are many other DAPs out there, some which are technically superior. However, for ease of use the iPod is still the best one out there.

You can create custom playlists with ease, both using iTunes (Apple's music playing software) and on-the-go.

There are some pretty smart iPod car kits available, and a lot of car stereos are directly compatible with the iPod (I know some of Alpines are).

Best thing to do is go to Currys or your local home electrics or hifi store, and have a look.

Other players to consider are the Sony A3000, Creative's line up and also have a look at the iRiver/iAudio players.


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Although, if your MD collection is already in Atrac format, you may want to consider a Sony player.

Also, many car players have a line-in jack. (If it's in back, you can run a short extension cable to the side/front.) So, a DAp with a line-out feature would be pereferable for lots of in-car use.


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Cheers of the replies so far.

What are the fm transmittors that are compatible for the ipod like? Do they work ok as I see there is one on the apple website that is a holder, charger and fm transmittor all in one.

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The all-in-one holder/charger/transmitter types are probably the best, as the transmitter is more powerful than, say, Griffin's iTrip - which means the likelihood of losing the signal due to local radio stations is minimised. The facts that the in-built charger keeps your iPod always topped up, and the holder means your iPod is fixed in position and not lolloping around the passenger seat are also good things.

On the downside, as they *are* transmitters, they do not give quite as good sound quality as a direct audio connection car's audio system. But they are a good compromise if you don't have an audio system capable of allowing a direct connection. They also have a line-out socket, so you can opt for the direct connection route if you want, and have the in-built charger/holder advantages as well.


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I just checked and am not sure if there is currently any decent FM tarnsmitter's out for the newest ipods!!!

Can anyone confirm if the Griffin charger/holder/transmitter can fit the new (5G) ipods as I cant hardwire it in to my current car stereo?


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