New player needed - desperate for help


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I have a iscan ultra and am happy with the results from sky and my dv88+. I had decided to change to an 868 to use the ilink with my ax10i but am hearing some poor reports on the boards.

I have considered changing to a denon A1 which by all accounts are superb or an arcam FMJ as i love their stuff. Problem is the ilink would still be useless and i would then have to bypass the iscan ultra rendering it a waste of money, other than sky.

if there is a player that will give better results than the iscan doing the deinterlacing then i will consider it.

I don't suppose you could give me a short list of players. TBH the arcam is off this weekend and the latest date on my 868 order is april-may

Any advice on which player as always much appreciated



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