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Hi all just got the dune h1 from my htpc (great company by the way lol)

i have a dune d1 but suffers from hdd power faliure (bought form france so not sending it back)
i have zapitti on my system hdd thats installed in the d1 that hdd will be going into the h1 question is best way to get zapitti onto ne player is it a case of just having the sd card i have with system intialised on it and having zapaitti on the internal hdd

thanks for any help
yes ive backed up the zapatti data bse file

thanks again shaun


Where does the old Zappiti share path export to? ie where does the _Zappiti and Zappiti_Resources folders get put?
If they go to the HDD that you are transfering to the new Smart player then Zappiti will be ready and waiting when you connect the HDD.


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