New plasma owner and I`m so HAPPY!

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by mralsal, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Just got my new Pannasonic TH-42PHD6 on Saturday from Joe (Media Factory) and I am so happy. Waited nearly a year and was sold on the panny since Event II. For anyone who's thinking of going plasma I say definitely go for it. The reason why it took me so long to take the plunge was both financial, indecisiveness on model and delays of build of my set up and room. It's been a long road and I'm not completely finished yet but so far it's been worth it. My advice to anyone wanting to go plasma is as follows:

    1. What can I afford.

    2. What do I want my screen to display?

    3. Do I want my screen to be a TV or monitor?

    4. Will it be future proof or will I be satisfied with it in years to come.

    5. Is there scoop for "add on" if I need it.

    6. Get to know your cables.

    7. Make a plan of your system.

    8. Talk to people who know. i.e. Joe & Gordon.

    9. Try not to view screen at usual big chain retail outlets.

    10. View screen with good inputs only.

    11. I know this will go against most people's advice but don't compare side by side. You probably will not be able to see the two exact models your thinking about anyway. Look at the model that you are interested in. List its pros & cons. Then do the same with other models and make a decision on which screens pros & con you will be happy with. Despite their cost and like all things no plasi is perfect.

    12. Take into account extra items such as mounting brackets cables. Etc.

    I've taken photos at the start of my project and I will be taking some more when I'm finished. I will be posting them on this site very soon. I would like to thank all those people on the forums who have directly and indirectly helped me on my journey into the AV. world. Lastly I can not rate Joe at The Media Factory enough. A top rate service. Many thanks Joe.

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