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Hi folks, newbie here looking fo advice on a new TV. I'm on a budget of around £500 & have seen a couple of plasmas with 100hz for around £490. I've seen the LG42PG3000 & the Samsung PS42A456. Any advice on these models or any advice on the best one to buy within my budget. I'm open to any model or type, including LCD if that is the better route to go down. I'd prefer to buy on the high street (still a bit of a technophobe when it comes to putting credit card details into my computer) but if I was going to make a good saving, I'd buy online. Also any links to where I could buy one. Thanks for any advice.


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for the money, its my meaning that plasma always give you better PQ for your money. i have never seen, or heard of any lcd that give good PQ in that pricerange.

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