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New Pioneers!

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by NeilMcRae, Jun 3, 2004.

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    Didn't see this posted yet [amazingly!]


    For immediate release


    May 20, 2004, Tokyo

    Pioneer Corporation

    Pioneer Releases Fifth-Generation Digital High-Definition Plasma TVs
    Offering high-quality 5.75 billion colors reproduction and high-quality swing speakers with a power-saving and lightweight design.


    May 20, 2004, Tokyo, Japan - Pioneer Corporation announced today that it will introduce five new "PureVision" high-definition plasma TV models in Japan, between the middle of June and late July. They are: the 43-inch PDP-435HDL (long speaker type), PDP-435HDS (short speaker type) and PDP-435SX (single body model), and the 50-inch PDP-505HDL (long speaker type), and PDP-505HDS (short speaker type). Pioneer plans to produce 2,000 units a month for each model. No retail prices are suggested.

    Pioneer released the world's first high-definition plasma TVs equipped with XGA screens at the end of 1997. Since then, as one of a very few manufacturers that have capability to develop and manufacture plasma displays from panel units to finished TV products, Pioneer has been offering advanced, innovative products and leading markets both in Japan and overseas.

    The plasma TV market in Japan continues to expand to about 450,000 units in 2004 (JEITA forecast), thanks to the launch of terrestrial digital broadcasting in Japan at the end of 2003 and the Athens Olympics in the summer of 2004.

    The company's new fifth-generation high-definition plasma TV models come equipped with new proprietary technologies and support for terrestrial, BS and 110° CS digital broadcasts.

    Main Features

    (1) Advanced Super CLEAR Drive System and further improved P.U.R.E.*1) Drive reproduce a record*2) 5.75 billion colors.

    Thanks to new multi-grayscale technology, the Advanced Super CLEAR Drive System produces the equivalent of 1,792 grayscale steps per each color of RGB, offering a total of 5.75 billion colors. Combined with superior low-brightness grayscale expression and the ability to eliminate contour noise - both special features of the Advanced Super CLEAR Drive System - this new technology brings viewers high-quality images with greater realism.
    Dynamic Bright-up Processing drive control technology - newly employed in the Advanced Super CLEAR Drive System - dynamically controls brightness and constantly monitors information such as the averages and distribution of brightness of the screen. This technology brightens on-screen areas of medium-brightness that occupy the main part of an image, while maintaining low power consumption.
    These new models also have a wide range of functions to enhance picture quality. MPEG Noise Reduction, for example, effectively reduces the "mosquito noise" unique to MPEG images, while the Dynamic HD Converter converts video to the optimum format for high-definition panels.
    (2) P.U.R.E.*1) Panel delivers further-improved picture quality with the Direct Color Filter - the world's first*2).

    The world's first Direct Color Filter technology eliminates glass for the front filter of the plasma panel. This removes multiple reflections previously generated between the front filter glass and plasma panel and dramatically improving focus quality. This technology also reduces external light reflections and improved its contrast about 20% better than Pioneer's earlier models when viewed in bright locations. The resulting images are sharper, crisper and offer vivid color.
    Pioneer's proprietary Deep-encased Cell Structure panels continued to achieve the industry's highest levels of brightness (at white peak) of 1,000 cd/m2 for the 50-inch models and 1,100 cd/m2 for the 43-inch models, while ensuring low power consumption.
    (3) P.U.R.E.*1) Sound System delivers high-quality, yet realistic ambience.

    The audio amplifier and speakers were developed in accordance with the design concepts of hi-fi audio components to reproduce high-quality realistic ambience offered by digital broadcasts.
    The long speaker (HDL) models are equipped with Acoustic Swing Speakers, which can be adjusted in four positions to the right or left and allow viewers to localize the sound to suit their listening positions.
    The short speaker (HDS) models are equipped with "Two-way Attachment Speakers", which can be mounted to the sides or under the plasma panel. Mounting the speakers under the panel minimizes the horizontal dimension and allows the TV panel to be more easily placed in the corners.
    (4) Lightest weight and lowest power consumption in their class*2).

    The elimination of glass for the front filter, thanks to the Direct Color Filter technology, has made these models the lightest in their class*2). The 50-inch models are about 5 kg lighter, while the 43-inch models have shed about 4 kg from Pioneer's previous models.
    The highly efficient luminance technology realized by the "P.U.R.E." panel and various power-saving technologies have made the PDP-435SX consume the least power in its class*2) of 306W (0.5W standby).
    The luminance lifetime *3) of the panel is more than 60,000 hours.
    (5) Equipped with four tuners to support terrestrial, BS, 110° CS digital and terrestrial analog broadcasts.

    (6) Wealth of functions designed for enjoyment and ease of use.

    HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) terminal allows direct connection of digital video and audio signals over a single cable to offer viewers full-digital video and sound without signal deterioration.
    "Advanced PureCinema" achieves the realism of the original film-based media by sequentially converting images composed of 24 frames per second shown in cinemas.
    Split screen with any sources in two-screen or PinP.
    The "SRS WOW*4" function features three surround modes, and delivers true-to-life reproduction of the ambient sound.
    "Home Gallery" function displays high-quality photo images stored on SD card.
    Models are equipped with the newly developed and easy-to-use "Simple Remote " and "Main Remote" control units.
    Equipped with "T Navi" function to enjoy lifestyle information via Internet.
    *1 "P.U.R.E" is abbreviation of "Plasma Ultimate Reference Exclusive"
    *2 Pioneer survey, as of May 20, 2004.
    *3 The luminance lifetime of a panel is the time elapsed until the brightness deteriorates to half its original level.
    *4 WOW is a trademark of SRS Labs, Inc.

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