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New Pioneer XDE - am I expecting too much?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by voxmagna, May 13, 2005.

  1. voxmagna


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    Hello, I'm a newbie here so I hope my thread starter raises some interest.

    I reviewed the previous generations from this stable before Pioneer integrated the Freeview receiver. At the time I thought, here was a panel out front with resolution, picture quality, and a sensible approach towards the architecture by designing the media receiver to take care of AV inputs. HDMI was in its infancy and I sat on the fence waiting for a stable dv interface and a good TV - rather than a AV display connected to a receiver. Now the PDP435XDE would appear to be the bees knees - one remote for TV and panel with analogue thrown in - nice, but I'd like to hear contributions from other top end plasma owners.

    TV seems to have suffered chaos from aspect ratios. Now with Freeview and 16X9 all should be more stable. I've always thought it most important that the framing intended during production is an important artistic part of the content and should with a few exceptions, match what you see. It is particularly annoying to see head shots clipping the top mask of a display. My new plasma however 'looses' information at the top and sides almost as if they mapped the screen to broadcasters 'safe areas' within the 16X9 frame. Unfortunately, some transmissions like news, seem to grab the shots without too much thought put into framing.

    Now, I suspect this is down to the native resolution of the display. However in both wide and full screen modes on Freeview, picture information is lost and neither gives correct geometry. I can prove this by switching back and forth from analogue displayed 14X9 to Freeview where 16X9 pictures always look zoomed and unreal.

    Next I thought Freeview integration into plasma would allow me to enjoy radio. I measured the power consumed during radio broadcasts (screensaver active) and it was a whopping 150 watts! I can't de-activate the panel or run the Pioneer mediabox without it, so I'll need to buy a second Freeview box or DAB radio (more remotes!) and avoid all the nice interface connectivity for audio only functions. Does anybody else here use their plasmas for audio only, have similar problems or knows what their system energy consumption is for radio listening

    The HDMI interface seems to work really well ( I just wish there were more and less SCARTS). I'm using the XDE with a panny DVD - absolutely no probs.

    Thanks - vox

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