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Anyone seen anything more on the new pioneer players.......????

Seems good for all the pioneer fans out there, seems that they have decided to move away from the BUTT UGLY range and going for a better looking design.......
Still not as good looking as the older 525,626,737, etc style.

They seem to bring new players out, quicker than anyone at the moment...........although, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing for second hand prices....always seems to be a bad thing, as the newer models RRP are always cheaper than the older models.
Reports seem to be good with the 370 player, seem to play everything (normal pioneer trend), and dont suffer from layer change.
Have they now decided to put a buffer in and be up there with the denons........
although i have not seen one myself so it might not be true....will just have to wait and see for more reviews.

Have not found any online reviews yet, but here is a link, in case you are looking for a cheap player.


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Looks like this will set the pace for the main brands for the rest of the year MR/Prog Scan for £80 is amazing and it will probably get cheaper.


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There are some more new models, the DV470 which adds DivX, PS and the DV-575 which has DivX, SACD, DVD-A, PS and higher spec 12bit, 108MHz video DAC.

Check them out here:


I think the reason that they are able to change the bottom end players so frequently is that they may use the same basic chassis (or evolutions of) - the DV444, DV454, DV360 and DV370 all have the same front panel transport button positioning which makes me suspicious. The DV444 was PS enabled in it's US version back in 2001, and the PQ is as good as it's modern replacements.

The forthcoming Yamaha DVD-S1500 looks interesting, 12bit 108MHz video DAC and Faroudja DCDi deinterlacing along with DVD-A and SACD.

P.S. the Pioneer style doesn't seem to have changed on the new models:(


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Just ordered mine today from Multizone DVD should be here on Friday.

Witters are you using the Component or RGB Scart with your 370 and what have you got it hooked up to.




Using component but not prog scan as my 42" Tosh doesn't support it. Still a top picture interlaced though.


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Thanks for the info.

I'll be hooking up mine to my Panny plasma and I'll test the progressive scan PQ when it arrives. Sounds like a bargain for £80 delivered.



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Maybe you could let us know if they have sorted the buffer for layer changes, or weather you still see them.....????

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Does anyone know when the Pioneer 575 becomes available in the UK?
Similar spec to the 565, it seems.


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thinking of getting a Pioneer DV-370 Multiregion DVD Player from AVland anybody had any problems with the players from them?

does the regional coding work ok? with RCE discs and seamless branching discs?

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I just checked with avland.co.uk.
Pioneer 575A (replacement for 565) is expected towards the end of june! Only £150! :clap:


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Mmmm. What would be better? A 108Mhz/12bit video DAC (although some sources seem to think it's 10bit), or 6 x 54Mhz/12bit video DACs as in the Cambridge Audio 540D?

Looks like an excellent PAL/NTSC prog scan option.

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