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I currenty HAve a SE W800i and am upgrading in the next month but I'm unsure what to get. Can anyone recommened one? Here is my criteria:

Good quality camera (preferably above the 2mp I have now with optical zoom)
Video/sound recorder
Mp3 player
USB connectivity
Smallish and good looking.

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Would be very useful if I could link the MP3 player to play in my car too. Not sure if any phone does that though.


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Sony Ericsson K800I 3G phone without a doubt. The MP3 player is like exactly like the one in the W810I without the megabase and it has a 3.2mp camera without optical zoom, it has digital zoom. The only phones with optical zoom I think are the top end Sharp and Nokia ones but there very big.
andyr300 said:
surely there cant b many phones with opticszl zoom?
Not sure. I think I'm being too greedy and want a phone that can do too much. I did look at the K800i and was impressed. I don't think the MP3 player is that important now though as due to small storage there is no way it could replace my iPod yet.


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The Sharp 903 (Vodafone only) and the Nokia N93 are the only phones I know of with optical zoom at the moment. But both are very big especially compared to your W800I. I would wait till next year for optical zoom phones as I suspect there will be a lot more of them and hopefully a lot smaller as well.
I've ordered teh K800i. Hopefully my next years upgrade will have optical zoom. No doubt I'll want something else by then.

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