New phone charger idea! help appreciated


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Hello all

I am a final year University student in product design. We specialise in bringing new and exciting products to market. I have work experiance in this sector as well so this is a valid excersise.

I would really appreciate it if anyone on these forums could take the 1 minute it takes to complete this survey I have made to help me collect data. N.B hyperlink opens survey directly no data imput needed and no signing up all anonymous.

Mobile Charging Device Survey

THIS IS NOT A MARKETING OR PR TRICK this is my genuine project and collecting this data helps me getting a better mark as well as creating a better project

Any thoughts on the product idea after you have completed the survey are very much appreciated on this thread thanks for you time.
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Interesting idea, but I'm not sure that its a better solution than just carrying a spare battery. (as chargers are not 100% efficient, you'd get more life by connecting the battery to the phone, rather than using the battery to power the charger)

On a totally irrelevant side note, is there something special about 21 to 30 year olds? The age groups seem pretty random.


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Hi prking

Your input very much appreciated. In responce yes your point is a valid one about carrying an extra battery. The only thing I can counter that with Is I believe in some phones you do not actually have access to the battery e.g the iphone correct me if I am wrong on that.

A wind up system also means it is usable if so needed for longer than a spare battery could give. (Useful for jungle or third world travels potentially.

As for the age group it is to do with proving to my university lecturers that I have bothered to interact with and care about people who are outside of my age group who I would not be in contact with. Hope that makes sence

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