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Dear all

I know very little about mobiles. My wife wants me to buy her a new phone and will use it for the following (in descending order of priority);

1) sending text messages – Australia – around 50 per month
2) sending text messages – UK – around 50 per month
3) Australia calls (to a mobile) – around 30 minutes per month
4) UK calls (to mobile) – under 60 minutes per month

We understand (or think we do) that if we buy a “smart phone” then we would be able to download an application to help reduce the cost of texts to Australia. We haven't found any call plans or bundles with an overseas text allowance. Are there any?

From what we have read, it would seem sensible to have a phone which is wi-fi capable so that it can be used at home via our broadband connection.

Finally, she's always used “Pay as You Go” and not a contract & if possible, she prefers to keep it this way.

Would anyone be able to point us in the general direction of which phone and which tariff/operator we should be looking at?

Many thanks for any help.


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Just download Whatsapp for android or Iphone dependant on what phone you purchase this will cover the text messages abroad and at home as it uses WiFi

WhatsApp Messenger

If you want calls and video think about Tango

Home - Tango

Again this can cost next to nothing if you use wifi

Save buying an expensive phone on contract,hope this helps :smashin:


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As long as the other people you text and call have it as well, Skype is a good app. You can also use it for video calling as well.
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