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Mar 10, 2002
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Ok, so I didn't get very far with the customer care line so I phoned the press release office and they were much more helpful.
As far as I can tell the release date is around April and the two model numbers are
28PW9509 and 32PW9509. They are going to send me some more info on the new models so I'll let you know more if I can when it arrives

do you have any info about the price for the Philips 32PW9509?

I am considering to buy the Thomson WB 642 S, but if the upcoming Philips TV is better and doesn't cost much more, I may wait for it ...

What do you recommend? :)

You did better than me, this was all I could get:

Thank you for your recent e-mail.

With regards to your query we can advise that no release dates are
finalised for the Pixel Plus 2 products. Our latest releases for 36
inch TV's are the 36PW9308 and the 32PW9618. The product
specification sheets can be found at in the
'Downloads and Troubleshooting' section.

We trust that the information provided will be of assistance and
should you require further advice please do not hesitate to contact us
again quoting your customer reference number 50-25719525.

Kind regards,

Philips Customer Care

Frustrating as I

I'm not sure about the price yet but if I was you I would wait and see what the new model is like. If its any thing like the PW9528 but better than to me its going to be one hell of a TV. That's why I'm renting a TV until the new P+ is out.


Yours will have 1.5 which is a modification of the original. The mod relates to the addition of the "movie" mode with tries to eliminate the "Halo" effect with moving objects set against high contrast backgrounds. If I was you, and you can I'd wait until April and view the new version. It should be a stunner.
I would like to wait but this TV Is coming to replace my 32pw6826 that Philips can repair so are swapping It for this one.

I think Ive done OK out of the deal so I cant complain.


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