New PC help !!!!!



I need to buy a new pc and having been looking on the net at different ones.

Does anybody know where i can buy a reasonably good pc with monthly instalment payments that dont ask for credit card details (as i dont have a credit card)?????

All i need is a base unit, around 2.5 Ghz, 253Mb Ram, 80 Gb harddrive etc etc - my other alternative is to build a base unit from scratch but have no idea where to startplus i think its a bit to adventurous for me as i heard that some motherboards dont work in some cases etc then theres everything else to worry about lol

Please please help

Greg Hook

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Have you tried

They have some great cheap computers and do sell just base units.

Not sure about the monthly payments though. Don't know if any places on the net will actually offer this, although I could be wrong. You may have to go into the shop to get monthly credit.



Thanks for your help - much appreciated !:kisses:

Ive looked at pc world but they want debit or credit card for monthly payments - ive also looked at mesh, dell, etc etc they all want the same thing.

i'll have a look at building a pc - i have upgraded this machine and added bits and pieces over a time but i just thought that matching a motherboard, processor and case sounded hard enough lolol but i'll definately look at those links you posted and let you know wot happens.

If you dont see me on here for a while then you know ive failed!!! haha


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Also check out Mesh, or get some PC magazines and see what's around. PC Pro often does reviews of low price PCs . Basically, do some research :)



ys ive had a look at dell, pc world, mesh, compac etc but when you actually add your details to buy something right at the last page they all ask for credit card details to take the direct debit - although i can do direct debit i dont have a card :(


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I would check they have good prices on hardware

I have built many many computers, building your own computer does give you a much better system and full control over your wants but it is quite hard to do esspesialy if you have never done it before.

I totaly reccomend a Nvidia Ge-force 4 Graphics cards they are great performers.

I would stay away from the MX cards, they are not so good.


thanks for all your help guys - i know how much ram, processor speed, size of hard drives that im wanting but the research into wot names i should get is mind boggling

Different pc mags give different rates on items so its hard who to believe - but im doing my research and wont rush into buying anything until i know its exactly wot i want :)

But i will be checking out all the sites that you guys have given me - once again - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


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When built my PC recently I 'copied' the spec of two well regarded companies (Evesham and Mesh), i.e. motherboard, CPU, ram, Hard drive, and then shopped around to see if I could get slightly better (i.e. 80gb WD hard drive rather than 60gb etc).

I then priced up and found that no single supplier could supply all the bits at the lowest price, so I ordered from four companies:


I ordered all the bits online on a Sunday afternoon and all the bits arrived on Tuesday morning within 1.5 hours. By teatime, I was booting up and loading software etc.

Give it a try.



wot can i say apart from WOW

i can copy most specs but the motherboard is the main one that stumps me - how do i know which is a good one?


A good site for hardware reveiws is toms hardware,

I have built several PC's from scratch to my own specification, I do not trust any manufacturer not to cut corners to save a few quid.

As for motherboards, the best performing and most reliable boards (IMO) are made by ASUS and ABIT. They are often the most expensive too, however, I have learned from experience that it is better to get the best motherboard you can afford, buying a slightly slower CPU than you may like if necessary.

If you wish, let me know your budget and what you will be using the PC for and I'll offer some recommendations.


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100% agree with grizzly about motherboards. ASUS are excellent.



thanks for your help and everyone else whos offered advice.

im looking to pay around £500 (ish)- £600 (ish) - all i know is that i dont have to worry too much about a really good graphics card as i dont play games on my pc but ive been told to get at least a 64Mg graphics and not an integrated one - i download films etc and at moment have to convert them to VCD's to watch on DVD player as i dont have a TV out card - at present ive only got a 200 Mhz and i know i want at least 1800 but apart from that, im open to all offers ;)

im sort of confident at building a new pc as i do fiddle around with them and am quite happy to replace parts on my old pc - i just thought that building would be harder but finding somewhere that offers finance is qorking out to be harder than i thought it would be


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You'll be hard pressed to get a P4 2.5Ghz system for that kind of money. If you're on a budget. Try the following ECS K7S5A motherboard (the early ones were flakey but the current revisions are good), AMD 2000XP CPU, 256megs of DDR ram and a 80gig drive. Those four items will come to only a little more than a P4 CPU alone!

You may be able to afford the whole thing without a loan. For DVD watching Radeon is the way to go, otherwise a Geforce TI4200 is a good bet.



I agree with iwilson, get a Radeon graphics card for movies, TV out performance is much better on these cards than Nvidias.

Check out for components too, the prices are very good and they do not stock many components if any that perform badly making deciding which components to get a little easier.

Components I suggest:

Juno P3 ATX case: £51
AMD XP 2000+ : £82
Sapphire Radeon 8500LE: £99
Asus A7V8X: £90
Zalman Flower CNPS6000-CU 'Silent' CPU Cooler: £35 (expensive but I think it is worth getting as PC's that sound like Vacuum cleaners become irritating very quickly, I only wish I bought one.)
Crucial 256MB DDR PC2100: £52
IBM 120GXP UDMA100 82.3GB: £83

You have not mentioned a CD/CDR/DVD drive, floppy drive, keyboard, mouse and soundcard. I have assumed that you are going to use the ones you have with your current PC


Thanks for all your help iwilson and grizzly :)

Yes i was gonna use my current monitor, keyboard and mouse plus i already have a floppy drive and CDRW - i might at some point get a DVD rom but not essential at present

Big thanks to grizzly for the list of stuff to get - i know wot the obvious ones are but some of them i havent got a clue as to wot it is :D

Bare with me - i am blonde after all lolol


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I've built many computers over the years and as the company that I work for is a games
developer, we have companies build all of our PC's to 'spec' in very large quantities.
All our motherboards are now ABIT/ASUS and we use AMD processors due to the cost
savings/lack of ANY downside. If you're starting out, will build you a
barebones system containing the parts you spec out. You can therefore get your case with
motherboard CPU and wiring all assembled. Nowadays, I find it relatively simple to put a
PC together, upgrade, swap parts + you know exactly what you've got when you've finished.
It is also far cheaper if you hunt around for the components (lots of great suggestions
guys!)but I would advise that you take in to account delivery costs which can stack up.

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