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Question New PC build for AV work. Advice appreciated.


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Hi all, my first new build for several years, and it looks like more of a minefield than ever! I'd appreciate some advice.

Purpose - Audio recording (silent as possible), photographic and Video processing.
Budget - medium
Oddities - I have a great audio card that will only work with a PCI slot, would love to keep it
SW - Cubase, Adobe Premiere & Photoshop (all 64 bit I think). Office Suite etc.
OS - I've got an OEM Windows 7 refurb, which I can promote to Windows 10. (a good way to get it cheap it seems - £35)

My research is a couple of months old, but I'm assuming that moving to skylake etc. wouldn't necessarily be a 'must' right now.

So far I'm thinking

CPU - Intel Core i7 4790K 4GHz Socket 1150
Cooler - Nofan CR-95C Copper IcePipe 95W Fanless CPU Cooler (silent, no fan)
Graphics - Palit NE5X75T00941-1073H - 2GB Gef GTX 750Ti KalmX (Silent, no fan)
PSU - Nofan P-500A Silent 500W Fanless Power Supply Unit (silent, no fan)
SSDs - 256GB & 512GB Samsung 850 Pro - Drive C and D respectively
Case - Will probably try to fit it in my old Antec Sonata 550 Antec Sonata Plus 550 Case Review - Hardware Secrets

M'board - ????
RAM - ????

With the motherboard, I'm obviously looking for socket 1150, hoping for 1 x PCI slot. There is such a range out there. Given I'm adding a graphics card and a sound-card, surely I can save money on not having those features so heavily promoted on the m'board itself? Is there a chipset I should be considering most. (I don't have the time to get into overclocking etc. these days, I have a job and two kids :))

Regarding RAM. Presuming it relies on m'board, but how much should I be looking at to get these days? I've not used 64 bit before, so have stuck to 4GB in the past.

Can anyone help on the motherboard and RAM, or point out any inconsistent judgments I've made already? Appreciated.

Cheers, QuagSwag


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The "k" on the end of your processor denotes unlocked and open for overclocking, save cash if you don't want to overclock.

8GB ram, or get 16gb and disable page file.

I assume the case will have fans?


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I was a little worried about heat with no fans, but looking into it there are a few companies building fan less machines with full power desktop processors in. Rather interesting what a tone of copper pipes and grills can do lol

For me it was the read/write on my SSD that made me remove the page file, I have 8GB ram and have it turned off, but if i was using ram intensive programs (chrome aside) id have 16GB.

On the mobo side id just use scans website and find the cheapest that does as IMO id only spend money when I plan on pushing components past their OEM limits. As you dont plan on OC'ing cheap and cheerful :D

Oh on a side note I do remember seeing a list of GPU's that sat well with Photoshop might be worthwhile having a look.


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I would upgrade to a better PSU, since this is being used as a work station stability is important. The one you have chosen I suspect is a rebranded FSP Aurum Xilencer. This isn't a great PSU, I would definitely recommend something Seasonic or Super Flower made.

A fanless PSU isn't really needed in order to be silent, if a fanless PSU is dumping heat into the system the case fans will end up spinning faster to help dissipate it anyway. Lots of decent PSUs have a hybrid fanless mode where the fan only kicks in if temps reach a certain temperature. Also bare in mind, the more efficient the circuitry then the less energy lost to heat and therefore less heat to be dissipated!

Regarding the motherboard the 3 sub £100 Z97 boards I checked all had at least 1 legacy PCI slot. As you don't need SLI or complex over clocking options id pick the cheapest one which has the required connectivity.


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If you want silence, the case is the 1 most important component.

I have a Define r5 with 2x GTX 970s in it, plus the rest. It's pretty damn quiet - not 100% silent, but almost. Add some of the silent components you have and I'm sure it will be.

Also have a look at the BeQuiet! cases.

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