New Passivehaus build in Hampshire - Advice needed!


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Hi Everyone,

We are just getting underway with our new build as the title suggests. I am planning to put a fairly basic AV system in and have some level of future proofing with CAT 6 cabling etc. but at this stage I am stuck on cabling to the building.

The house is on the outskirts of a small town and as such has no phone line, virgin line etc. so I am looking at options for this. Internet connectivity is important but a home phone line is not (we all use our mobiles) although I may need on for internet. I am currently digging trenches for water, electric etc and ideally would like to run a cable or two that would suit either BT, virgin, sky etc. up to the road side before we get connected in 6 months time.

So my question at this stage is what cable should I use or is there an alternative? The house is approx 50M from the road so it will have a fairly long run. We also have a garage which we intend to convert into an annex at some point in the future so possible a secondary supply ionto this building would be good.

Any thoughts much appreciated, If anyone is interested I can add plans/photos of the build!



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if you contact BT for a new phone line they will usually supply the cable and ducting. I built my house 2 years ago, i think a new line connection is something like £150, in my eyes i had a bargin as they need to install a new Pole and supplied all the ducting and the manhole. All i did was to dig the trench install the ducting with a few pull throughs. from the point where the BT cable enters my house i ran cat5e shielded cable to where i wanted the master socket to be. i used the shielded cable only because i had some left over from my 12v thermostats. your cat6 would be fie for this.

If you didnt want to contact BT and just wanted to run the cable to the edge of your property then i would probably run a ducting with pull throughts (BT ducting is usually 90mm grey). and if you really wanted stick a cat5e external cable in there ready - make sure its rated for external use.

with running a seperate line to the annex, i would probably run the main duct from the road side to your main house, then where it enters your house run another duct over to the annex. that way any additional cables from the road can be run to the annex but also if you ever need to run your own cables over there it will also use the same duct. Either use the 90mm BT duct or get some 100mm soil pipe which is easy to get hold of.

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