New Paradigm Signature Servo.


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There going to be a bugger to stack wih those outrigger feet/spikes on Steve :)

Can't wait to find out what these perform like. The finish of the whole Signature series looks fantastic and check out that C5 centre speaker! how big!

If RS get these in I'll promise here and now never ever ever ever! to slag them off again :D


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It looks like a very different amp, new driver and it seems to be ported.

Please Mr Richer, can we have some to try :smashin:.

Edit: Looking again at the specs, the porting bit looks like it refers to the other speakers in the signature range as it says sealed for the servo.


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Very nice, i'm up for one if RS can get them.

We should all start e-mailing them asking if they can get some Paradigms in.


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The S8 look interesting!! How many driver did you say you wanted? Oh Yeah!!


Is there a price guide/wood finish choice?

Phil Hinton

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The specs are impressive, it looks nice and has Phase controle etc built in the back. I for one would like to hear it in action.


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Looks like Paradigm have changed everything in all their new Ref range. The last ones re-used drivers from the previous generation. They still Still sounded great, though, and perhaps Paradigms regular speakers get overlooked becuse of the (deserved) rep the Servo has. Paradigm's surround speakers in particular are brilliant and these new ones look great.
I miss my old Paradigm Ref speakers and by the looks of the new range, I would certainly audition the whole lot with interest.

11Hz +/-3db! That is low for any sub.

You're right; that centre is enormous - 953mm wide! Bet it sounds good, though...



oi.. i want first refusal on your servos before you get any smart ideas :D:D:D !!!! j/k ;)


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Looks like it's more expensive than a Velo DD15 but lower than a DD18. Given all the features of the Velo and it's performance thats seriously tough competition.

Anyway I dont see RS importing it as it doesnt sit in the right price bracket.

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