New Panni's coming?

Matthew J Taylo

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Hi All,

Any of you know any details of the new plasma's being released in April from Panasonic?

I recieved this email from Simon Bird @ Panasonic, it also answers the HDMI to DVI-D questions discussed on this site.

In response, I would explain that the Plasma screen will not be a able to receive a PAL signal from the HDMI to DVI-D cable this is only through NTSC.

There is no DVI-D board available at this time to accept both the PAL nad NTSC signal but would advise that there are a new range of products being released in April of this year that may contain the board and unit you are looking for, Unfortunately information on this range is not released to ourselves until a week before release so we would have no further information at this time

I don't quite believe this & the Japanese site does have a new plasma, the PX range with what looks like a new technology, PEAKs, could be similar to ALIAS?

Any news would be great as I've just recieved my loan & I'm ready to pounce!!



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No answers from me I'm afraid - I'm in a similar boat as you - looking to buy a PA20 but now hear that the PA30 is out in April and in "might" have HDMI support.

No smoke without fire and all that.

Matthew J Taylo

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Matthew J Taylo

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Deal Maker,

Does look very similar doesn't it, no mention of HDMI compat though.

I've already emailed Liam @ A/V Sales so I will post his reply.

The guy from Panasonic has also replied say " I'am afraid that we really do not have any information on these until a week before release which will be around April 17th. I will advise when we
have further information."

Sounds like we will find out soon enough



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I think Liam has now left Av sales, to setup his own business installing Home Cinemas.


Previously Liam @ Prog AV
Yeah i'm no longer there mate and didn't hear anything definite before I left but lets face it, Panasonic did have a major part in R&D for the HDMI standard so would be stupid not to!!!

And the AE500 doesn't have a problem taking HDMI sources via dvi


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If only you did'nt always have to change product to get the new features ie HDMI.
I suspect Panasonic will probably never launch a HDMI card for my PHD6, well it's 4 months old so it must be time to upgrade !


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