New Panasonic with Sky Digital built in?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by beavis, Apr 1, 2002.

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    Anyone know anymore about this?

    It's taken from the What Video site

    'If you're confused about which digital TV platform to go for, Panasonic has the answer in its upcoming 28DTS3 and 32DTS3 TVs. These new 28in and 32in widescreen idTVs, due for release around July, are equipped with an analogue tuner, free-to-air digital tuner (upgradable via conditional access module to ITV Digital) and Sky Digital receiver. No price has been confirmed for the models yet, but we can reveal that they will be 50Hz, Nicam stereo offerings.

    What's more, they will join three other new free-to-air digital TVs due out in April and May. The two sets lined up for April are the 100Hz/progressive scan 28DT30 and 32DT30, with the 36DT3S arriving in May. This latter 36in model will also carry Dolby Digital sound and, in a UK first, a slot for an SD memory card so that you can pop in SD cards from compatible digital cameras and play slide shows directly onto your TV screen.

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