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New Panasonic TH-50PZ800 looking for receiver



Hi All,

Lot's of good information in this forum, but I am still a little confused about a few things.

I am looking to purchase a Receiver to go with the new TV and any information would be helpful.

TV-Panasonic TH-50PZ800
BD-Sony PS3

Three of the devices would be connected through HDMI while only the Wii would be connected by composite.

Sorry for the long intro

Here's the questions...

Repeating/Switching/Pass-through... What is the difference? from what I gather so far switching and Pass-through are essentially the same thing and what I should really look for is a receiver that has repeating.

The output from the Wii would be upscaled to the TV through the receiver, so the receivers ability to upscale would matter? Or can I set the receiver to leave that signal alone and have the TV do the upscaling?

The PS3 converts the audio at the console so does the receiver just need to be Dolby Digital/TrueHD, etc. compatable?

I have sort of had my eye on the ONKYO SR606 and 576 models and have also looked at the Sony STRDG 820 and 2400ES (although this models is a little out of my price range). I have been hearing that there are some issues with the ONKYO's upscaling ability (Reon vs Faroudja issue?).

Any other suggestions or reccomendations? I'm in North America (Canada) BTW

Thanks for any help


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AV Receivers with HDMI can switch (pass through) the signal, some can upconvert the signal from analogue e.g. s-video, composite video (yellow) and component video (also known as YpBpR or YUV using red/blue/green connectors) to HDMI and then there are others that can upscale the signal from one resolution to another. TBH unless you have a high end receiver with a good quality scaler I would leave the scaling to the source or TV (display). I wouldn't concern myself with the upscaling abilities of the particular budget receivers you're looking at.

The PS3 can decode all audio formats and output these as multi-channel lossless audio (LPCM) to a compatible receiver. It can also bitstream the SD audio formats e.g. DD5.1 and DTS both over optical and HDMI.

The Onkyo 576 is an ideal partner if you're on a budget as it can handle the LPCM. Whilst the 606 is no doubt a better receiver, you are paying for some features that will go largely unused e.g. scaler and HD audio decoding. You do not need a receiver (amp) that can decode HD audio. For details on the HD formats see here

This is predominantly a UK based forum so it might be an idea to sign up to our North American equivalent www.avsforum.com as model numbers and specifications often differ between N.A and Euro models.

I would also suggest you go for a demo to ensure your chosen amp and speakers go together and you will get a feel for how the amp is setup and operates.

Good luck and welcome to AVF :thumbsup:

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