New Panasonic nvgs range advice


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I have owned a Pansonic NV-DA1B mini dv camcorder for about 4 years now which, when I purchased for £1000,
was at the time I felt a middle of the Panasonic range. Recently it was damaged and my insurance company
have offered a replacement (The NVGS11).

However looking at the NVGS11 it appears to be the entry level camcorder in the current range.

Does anyone have any views on this player ? how does it compare to the other models in the range ?

It actually has the best optical zoom at 24x but is only 2Lux as oppose to 1Lux (can someone explain this ?) on the others.

The NVGS120B looks really nice with a 3xCCD.

Should I raise this with the insurance co and see if I can get something more in the middle of the current ?

Any advice on the Panasonic range greatly accepted.

My use is for sporting events, weddings etc but I like to do quite a bit of editing on my PC with the results.

Should I decline the Panasonic and maybe opt for a Canon or JVC ?

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