New Panasonic - Now I'm going round in circles Help !


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Hi guys,
Hope I can get some objective help here please !!
Spent the last 2 weeks reading reviews looking at TVs and reading threads on the forum.
I'm looking for a larger replacement for my 32" LXD70 which has given amazing service and a picture I've been very happy with but is now being consigned to the bedroom.
I thought I had it all sorted and was going for a 47" DT50 led/lcd UNTIL I saw a 50" VT50 plasma in John Lewis and thats when everything went wrong!
Yes the picture was a little darker than I'm used to but what a picture!
I then started to waiver and the research and reading began,,,,, big mistake.
There are lots of posts about the DSE problems with the plasma but I know that it can be blown out of all proportion as those that are happy with theirs will not be posting.
I mainly watch sky hd, netflix,dvd and blu ray with a little gaming (3hrs a week tops)
Do I chance that I wont even notice it as I dont watch football but do watch a lot of motor racing.
I'm not wanting to start another lcd v plasma saga at all just some advice on which I will be happiest with as a replacement.
Hoping you can focus my attention as I'm suffering from terminal dithering now.
Thanks for reading this far and any help greatfully received.

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I'm very bias as I have had two Panasonic plasmas now.
I have never noticed this dse effect and I m fairly critical of my picture. My plasma is a few years old now and I am till very happy with the picture and performance.
I have considered LCD or led on several occasions only to be put of by the terrible ghosting that occurs on fast movement. I have yet to see a single LCD or led tv that does not do this to some extent.
I love the plasma natural picture and not the eye ache brightness of LCD/led.
For me it Will always be plasma until they either stop making them or improve the fast movement blur of LCD/led.



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The VT50 is a fantastic set and the best for bluray IMO this year. For sport though you may want to also demo the new Samsung E8000 plasma that we just reviewed, blacks not as good but better motion and brighter. I'd demo both, I'd also forget LCD.


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Thanks for the replies fellas, after another hour at JL looking and thinking I've pulled the trigger and ordered a 50" VT50........ getting quite excited now !
Cheers again.

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