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does any one now if the PANASONIC TH-42PE30B is going to be as good as its predecessor TH42PA20B.is it worth waiting for as i am just about to buy .plasma to be bought from john lewis with 5yr gurantee(3grand ish is a lot of money i like the idea of 5 years worth of free cover) the other option is a Hitachi 42PD3000 dont like the idea of a older screen . lots of posts reporting ,buzzing ,bad blacks the TH42PA20B would have been ideal if it hadnt been discontinued.so is the TH-42PE30B gona be worth the wait?????????????????????????????????????????????


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same screen, new looks, better sound from the speakers and a digital freeview turner....

disadvantage is that it's a lot harder to mount on the wall.

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If you are going to buy from JL you will be looking at £3695 plus the stand. Of course you maybe able to get a price match with another shop.
They are expecting deliveries of the PE30 around June but that is dependant on them selling off any stock of PA20.
As regards to wall mounting the screen, well I don't think it can be that much of a problem (I'm sure there will be a specific wall mount & clones). If you check avsforums there appears to be a number of US owners who have them wall mounted and they look fabulous! :smashin:


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spoke to sound and vision they are doing the TH-42PE30B plasma
tv for £3199 spoke to john lewis they said that they would price match it going in to buy one soon (comet currys dixons etc.£1200 extra waranty they can all go and whistle)

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