New Panasonic E50, got a problem


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Mar 7, 2004
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Suffolk, Eng
Just installed E50 and all seems fine, except I can't get sound on terestrial chanels through the DVD player, all I get is static.
I can watch terestrial on the TV chanells, but not through the DVD (AV1). I can watch sky through the DVD player by putting it on DVD chanel AV2.
Set up as follows: -
Main arial to RF in on DVD
RF out on DVD to TV (have also tried going through sky box)

I so confused everything seems to be set up fine and the only thing that is amiss is the sound on terestrial chanels through AV1

Any Ideas????????
Interesting problem - your getting the picture OK but not the sound? Can you record OK from these channels, i.e. does it record the sound even though you can't hear it?

If no sound is recorded I would suggest trying to retune the channels - it could just be the auto-setup didn't lock their positions properly.
Thats right got good picture but only sound is loud static. It doesn't record the sound either, records picture but only static for sound.
The autosetup put all the chanells in the worng place so I have tuned them in manually. So I don't think it is the tuning, but even if it was surely it would have got at least one of the chanels right?

Just as a seperate question on this does anyone no how to give the AV chanells on the DVD names. There is a space for name but I can't see how to fill it in.

If it's not the tuning I'm not sure what it could be to be honest. Did you try re-tuning? If so did it produce the same static?

Do you still get static if you input the RF signal into your DVD recorder but do not output it to the TV - instead watch the RF picture through the DVD recorders Scart output. Do you still have the issue there?

Can you also goto Functions/Setup/Sound and post what your settings are? If all else fails there is an option in one of the menus to return to factory default settings. Try that and start the process again.
Thanks for your help mate, I have tried re-tuning and that didn't work.
I will try diconecting the RF from the TV tonight and see if that has an effect but am pretty sure I've done it already and it didn't help.

I will post my sound settings when I get home, but I have tried all different combinations in here and in the AV settings and none of them seem to work.

I aint an expert on this stuff by any means but I can't see why the damm thing doesn;t work, just doesn't seem to make sense.
Hi again. OK unpluggin the RF arial from back of TV doesn't help.
Settings in sound menu are:-
Play x1.3 etc. = OFF
Dynamic Range comp' = OFF
Bilingual Audio = M1
PCM down conv' = ON
Dolby Digital = BITSTREAM

Doesn't mean much to me, could any of this be the problem??

Thanks again
Off the top of my head it looks about right - I'm away from home at the moment so can't check my own model. You can always try modifying some of the settings and see if it helps. Just common sense change one thing at a time and change it back before you try something else.
Where did you get an e50 from? Mostly out of stock.
I'm not sure to be honest. It's actually my dads player and I'm trying to get it working for him. I think he may have got it while he was on holiday.

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