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Jan 21, 2003
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Is there going to be a new Pal version of Avia like there is now with DVE?

I've got DVE Pal but to be honest I think its a bit crappy, the disc navigation is terrible, the only explainations for the setup sections are to be found in the middle of really dodgy video sections (why they couldn't just put a simple explaination of each test before the test itself?), I can't figure out the audio setup section at all, why it couldn't come with a brief booklet manual I don't know...?

So apparently Avia is much better but only in NTSC at the moment, so whens the Pal version coming out??


Ryan :smashin:

Don't think there is going to be one, as AVIA is from the US. Most people tend to use DVE for PAL and AVIA for NTSC. THX optimiser on THX DVD's is also a pretty good basic place to start and these should be PAL or NTSC depending on the DVD region.

Something along the lines of the THX Optimiser is what I'm looking for but with a more detailed setup (at least the THX setup explains itself in plain english before each test), DVE is also US so I suppose there is a chance of a Pal Avia, I suppose they might wait to see what the sales are like for DVE before committing themselves to a new version?

Good news on your screen, hope it turns out well.

Ryan :smashin:
Maybe have a chat with Gordon - he is likely to know the best calibration DVD's and may be able to offer some advice on setup...

I assume you have been to and heard of steaming rat???

Rich Harkness's Steaming Rat, what a classic =D yeah I'll be following Rich's words of wisdom for general picture setup (when I get a plasma back that is).

I suppose I'll just have to sit through DVE a few more times until I start understanding it all a bit more (making note as I go this time) :boring:, its all just until I get Gordon out for a proper calibration but I'm holding out just in case I can't resist a new case of upgraditis and need it all recalibrating again, thinking along the lines of either new dvd player with HDMI/DVI or new Lumagen DVI scaler, mmmm..... :devil:

I have asked this question to AVIA directly in USA and their answer 5 months ago was that they had no plan for a PAL. On the other hand, I would be surprised if you really find AVIA significantly better or user friedlier that the latest DVE edition even for just NTSC. I have both and personally I slightly prefer the DVE.. and oh yes , the THX optimiser does a hell of a lot with just only the main setup controls!

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