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I originally posted this question in AlexJT22s thread about a 400-600 amp/speakers package. I've realised it probably looked like a diversion so I'll try a new thread.

Basically, I'm in a very similar position to AlexJT however I'm considering second-hand gear.

I'm looking out for a used denon 1909 (about 260 - 280) or a similar used Onkyo or Yamaha for about 200 to 250.

For speakers I'm after used QAcoustics 1010is (Can get these used for about 260), AE Aego Ts (300 ex demo) or any other similar standard.

Should I consider used non-package speakers? If so, which?

How would this level of used gear compare with Alex's suggestions of a denon 1610 (320 new) or Sony H800 (270 new )and jamo a102s (225 new)?

Do the advantages of buying new outweigh the advantages of getting higher specced but older technology?

What would you do with 500/600 quid? New or used?

I have a 42 x10b panny plasma, xbox360 (HDMI), skyHD.
BP to follow.


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You could look at the Warfdale Diamond 9 speakers as these are on heavy discount at the moment. Hence like buying second hand but actually new.
There are always pitfalls with buying second hand as you do not know how they have been treated or what state they are in. This can be especially true for speakers. That said there are some good bargains to be had by going second hand.
The only issue with older amps is making sure they at least do audio over HDMI so that you can get the HD sound formats with blurays. Getting a higher spec amp second hand can give you great sound quality. The current budget HD amps are trying to squeeze so many features in for a low price that SQ must be affected compared to a higher end amp.
There is a sticky thread on the top of the AV amps forum that gives a full list of older amps that do audio over HDMI so can use this to narrow down your search.


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Thanks very much for that. I tried to leave thanks but got a message saying I don't have the right priviledges?

Anyway, I'll have a look at the list.

Thanks again.

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