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First of all, this is my first post so, hello everyone :hiya:

I've read too much information about turntables over the past few days and I need some advise.

I currently have a Musical Fidelity XT100, a pair of B&W CDM1NT's and a late seventies Pioneer PL3000 deck. The deck has a Shure V15 Mk3 cartridge and i have just purchased a Jico stylus for this too. This is all placed onto a soundstyle rack with glass shelves.
The deck is starting to play up and as it has no manually queuing available so i thought i would treat myself to a new deck.

I currently have around £300 to spend but i am willing to save a little more if need be.
So the question is..... Well what to look for, i was thinking of getting something like a thorens, ariston, roksan or even a linn basik hopefully these would have an SME arm (or linn in the case of the basik) and all used of course. But then i thought maybe a new or nearly new Rega (seen some good prices around on these).

I mostly listen to old jazz, funk and soul records but i do also listen to more modern music too.

Any advise would be much appreciated.


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All the decks you mention would do you proud. Boils down to convenience and portrayal ime. Solid plinth types ala Rega/ Project etc are easily the most convenient i.e. `fit n forget' and portray a solid forward detailed sound. Suspended exponents Linn, Thorens etc need adjusting/tweaking regularly to keep them at their best.

They tend to have a more laid back presentation generally but equally solid and detailed too. Personally having owned TT's from both camps I prefer suspended, but it really is preference (and I am naturally a tweaker!) Your V15 will grace any good TT and was a classic combo with a Thorens TD160 in the day. Trouble is finding one these days?
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If you can find a TD160 in good condition,you'd have an excellent basis for the system,and one which can be serviced and upgraded as well.
An Ariston RD11E or similar would also work well,and you'd be likely to find one of those considerably cheaper,but condition is important.


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Thanks very much for the replies.
I like the idea of being able to customise the deck over time and although i love tweaking and the idea of doing this i dont know in reality whether i have the time. Maybe in a few years.

Right im going to go and listen to a rega and a thorens or similar (some how) and see what i think.

I missed an RD11 with an sme 3009 on ebay this week. Looked very nice and went for a very good price. I was being a bit slow and didnt put in the full budget.

Ill let you know what i discover and post my findings.

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