New Optoma HD28e (or BenQ TH585) or 2nd hand Sony HW40ES


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I'm looking for a projector at roughly the £500 mark. This will mainly be for watching sport/football (often outdoors in the garden) and also kids movies (indoors).

I won't really be watching super dark content/movies on it so blacks/dark scenes aren't so important. (I've got an OLED for that)

The 2 new models seem to have high lumen rating and seem marketed towards watching in ambient light (although the BenQ seems to be branded more as a gaming projector).

The Sony projector seems to have been a fantastic value projector when released and it's available second hand at the same price point. However the lumen rating is much lower.

I don't really need a multitude of inputs as it'll just be used for one hdmi input and put away at the end of each viewing session and I can plug the audio output into a portable speaker.

Can anyone give any tips on which would be the better option? I'm leaning towards the optoma as it's new and has "better" lumen rating but would be interested in people's take on the 2nd hand Sony.



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Looking at HD28e specs, it looks quite similiar to HD143x, which i had before my current HW40ES.
If that's true and they are closely related, then id say go for Sony if You can find decent one for good price, totally worth it. Optoma HD143x seemed fine as a first projector, until i saw what a magnificent picture HW40 throws. Much much better and juicier colours, darker blacks, no screen door effect (optoma was very pixelated), quieter, vertical and horizontal lens shift. and overall much more solid build quality. Only downside i can think of would be replacement lamp cost and lamp life, used optoma for about 2500h and sold with original lamp, not sure if had started to dim yet, didnt notice. Sony on the other hand started to demand new lamp after around 2000h (not sure, maybe its just programmed to do so after 2000h or maybe really senses that lamp is on its way out) it did cost around 200, ''genuine'' lamp in generic housing.) '


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Thanks for replying. That's a really helpful response. Yes you're right, the two Optoma's probably aren't a million miles apart. I could live with a lamp replacement given the likely higher overall quality so might have a more serious look at the Sony.

Many thanks.

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