New Nintendo Hardware to be unveiled at this years E3?!

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Don't know what to make of this, but apparently someone is 100% certain new Ninty hardware will be unveiled this year as they have hard it from 'multiple sources', and some people thinks it's slightly possible it may be the new Fusion DS and Fusion Terminal consoles? Based on a third party publisher relating to the leaked specs of those consoles! :eek:

News: Nintendo to unveil 'new hardware' at E3, claim reports - CVG UK

Nintendo will reveal new hardware at E3 -

I doubt it will be.... but.... considering the disaster the WiiU has been in sales, could it be?


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I'd like an announcement on a new handheld. I love my Nintendo handhelds far more then my Nintendo consoles.


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New handheld for sure, no way they'll announce a new console with MK8 about to release.

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so nintendo are working on new hardware after all, except it doesn't seem to be a replacement wii u or 3DS, it's a supercheap gaming machine for sale in places like india and China. Never know, maybe they are going to go down a route similar to ouya with it which could make it very interesting (or not at all)

Nintendo's working on a cheap new console for next year | News | TechRadar

Yeah I read about that and was trying to think what hardware? But I guess as Daft Ada says above, it'll just be some cheap remake of old or existing tech so they can start to build a market in the country. Take baby steps if you will.

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