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Hi All

i have tried to find a newbie apologies if i didn't look hard enough...!!

once again a newbie here and just need pointing in the right direction so i can read up on home cinema stuff..... i know absolutely nothing apart from i want one.... home cinema that is...!

shopping list

av amp

currently have

50" Panasonic plasma 2 years old for general telly watching.
2 year old dvd/surround sound which needs chucking out
sky hd
ps3 used loads

the projector will be mainly used for film nights and some ps3 action...

only have a £500 budget for the projector to start with and would like 1080p or 720 if i had too.... and looking at the budget that might be the way to go.....

so.... i need to find the best option and learn some lingo.....!!




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The usual recommendation for a budget projector is Optoma. I've seen the HD67 for £350 at Richer Sounds. My mate has the older version and it's a cracker. The GT750 would also be worth a look.

The projectors forum is your best bet.


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If you want 1080p and have £500 occasionally you will see Optoma HD200x for £599 new or around £450-£500 second hand or as a refurb model.

This is about the cheapest (though a good pj) 1080p machine available.I would strongly recommend going for 1080p if possible especially if viewing bluray.

You can go with a new cheap starter amp from Onkyo/Yamaha/Denon for £150-£200 or get a used higher end model for the same sort of money.There are always plenty for sale in the classifieds.

The wharefdale diamond 9.0 speakers are a real bargain at the moment and Richers are knocking them out at £39 a pair so 3 pairs of those would do you a 6.0 set up with only a subwoofer to add.

Wharfedale DIAMOND 9.0 Black | Speakers Per Pair | Richer Sounds

Use a wall for the screen if you have one available that is painted white or a light colour.


thanks chaps.....

although not 1080p i have my eye on a Optoma hd72 or hd65 that are both going quite cheap second hand. i think both also have about 100 hours lamp usage.

any opinions on these?

that seems quite a good deal on the speakers....i'l take a look... i already have a active sub i could use for the time being and although quite old, it still has some punch left in it.

hopefully i'm trying to get the biggest picture poss without compromising picture quality, the room is 15' x 20' and the projector pointed down the room at the 15' end ceilings a 8' high
i have windows on walls so the screen will have to cover the window at the end.


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Those pj's are ok although a bit long in the tooth they should be about £250/275 to buy now any more and buy new or as I said if you are prepared to go too £500 get a 1080p projector they are a step up.


i know what your saying but taking a look at finances at the moment i think i was being a bit optimistic with £500....!
just dipping my toe in home cinema, so being a bit reluctant to splash out too much on something that would really only be used now and then.....!... and the wife is like..."oh no....not anther hobby".....!!..:)

i think if i like what i see when i eventually get set up i would probably convert one of our spare rooms as a in to a room....!!! that's when i think I'd spend a bit more on the right equipment...

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