New new lens for 400D to take pics of Race of champions!


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Hi all,
It's that time of the year where I have to spend some money and upgrade my camera!

I'm going this December to race of champions and i need a lens to take some pics of the cars, been reading about this one CanonEF 70-300mm f4-5.6 IS USM but aren't sure if it will be right for me taking pics of cars going vrroom really fast:rotfl:

I also like take pics of of scenery or statues so from what i can gather that one is good. I'm still a total noob seem to spend less and less time with the camera!
Anyway going this week up to Scotland to get intimate with the camera:eek: hopefully will get nice pics with it! Still using the kit lens so i know i won't lol :D

Thanks in advance!:clap:


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There is no reason why that lens won't let you get good images of the cars, good focal length ensures you can get close. I would probably invest in a monopod though just to ensure you can be as steady as possible whilst panning. Probably worth getting some practise on pannin too as it's not easy, easpecially if the cars are going particularly fast (position yourself at a slow corner if you wnat to give yourself the best opportunity)

The kit lens is actually not that bad if you stop it down to around f/8 or so if you are photographing statues and the like this should be fine and givesome pleasing results :smashin:


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Thanks Steve will try that! Gonna see how i get on this week with the camera and the kit, got myself a good book on DSLR, so we will see what i get! Hopefully the lady will let me take pics! :thumbsup:


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I love my Canon 100-400 its not cheap but its a really versatile lense thats great, for my passion of aviation photography.


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I have used my 70-300IS lens for motorsport pics (BTCC, Clio Cup etc) with no problems. The IS is always handy and I find the 300mm range enables you to get tight-in in most track situations. :thumbsup:


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the 70-300IS should be fine. Obviously the 70-200 2.8 would be ideal but thats just silly money!!


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Hi Guys,

Just to say the pics are comming out good with the camera, still only been using preset modes, need to try and get better settings coz the mountains come out a bit too dark!
Anyways now i wish i had the lens! It would come in handy! missed out on some wicked shots!
Hopefully i'll get back and post, using my phone as net connection its too slow!

Thanks all for replies!



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Sorry to resurrect my thread but with the Canon rebates again happening in October, I see that I could get £40 cash back for this lens.
Canon EF Zoom Lens - 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 IS USM costs £359.00-£40=£319 seems ok price wise. But have people found it cheaper? Do you think i could haggle it down a bit in jessops? lol
Comment on price and where to try it before buying would be appreciated :smashin:
Not really looking at spending £350+ on a lens as i wouldn't really use it that much. Except for special times.:D

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:


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We do the graphics for Fluid Motorsport (they are based in my town), they are running a few cars this year, am hoping to go along as a guest, have discussed the possibility of getting a press pass from them - wait to see.



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Don't think you'll find it any cheaper than £350, even the hong kong import sites have it at £345 but you can't claim any cash back on that is a good site to check for prices if you didnt know about it :thumbsup:

Funnily enough I booked my tickets for this today!

Thanks for the post, canon supposedly is doing cashback for this lens from next month till december which 7dayshop says is £40.
I already used the site as been posted by some here in the forum.
So it seems with the cashback it's a good price. cool time to save up. :thumbsup:

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