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Jul 23, 2003
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Hi Folks, just bought a new NAD c350 (from this forum!) - got it setup last night (after a few doobies!) - and it instantly brought a smile to my face...

just a very quick query tho...I had previously bi-wired my speakers to my AV amp, and as you'll know (perhaps?) there is only a single set of speaker connections to my NAD...I assume it's safe to have 2 sets of cables going onto a single binding, even tho it's be a tight fit..???


p.s. Thanks Buckster, it's a gem!!!:D
Shouldn't be a problem- been doing that for years.
ta, thought so, just didn't want to blow it up or anything!
also, if I want to plug my Sub into it, what connection should I plug it into as I'm only using a single phone cable..?
Left channel of the pre-out (which I think it has) should do the trick.
hi again...still very happy with this amp!

ok, I know this has been asked loads of times, but I want to connect my nad to my yamaha - what connections should I use on the amps...and what else..??

yeah, I've got this setup now - however, I'm not that convinced with the hassle of adjusting 2 volumes (plus, the overall sound whislt watching a dvd doesn't quite tie together with all the speakers...) - so, I want to try out a switch box...which one and where can I buy online..?

wire all items into AV amp connect L/R Pre-out on AV amp to Main In on NAD (Remove the jumper first!!)
This will run The NAD as a Power amp (Everything will use the Yamahas controls and Volume). Set it up using the channel levels on the yamaha to bring the NAD (up/Down) to the Yamaha's Level.
Oh yeah don't forget to wire your fronts into the NAD!
yeah, thanks a lot Bobbypunk - that works a treat!
previously, I had the interconnector plugged into the 'aux' of my NAD amp...

still means I have to juggle the interconnctors when I want to either play cds or dvds, but it's much eaiser than messing around with speaker cables!:smashin:
yeah, I tried the aux - I wasn't I only have to use my AV remote too! try it...!
The switchbox selects which pre amp is feeding the NAD power amp section.

Push the button and use AV amp, press again for NAD pre amp.
ah, thats clear now...I was going to go down that route (the use of a switch box), but I'm happy to unplug / plug in the few interconnectors... 8o)
Maybe some 2->1 phono connectors (or stackable) would work. It depends on the preout stage of the AVR so you'd have to check with the manufacturer to ensure that it won't explode :)grin: ) when a reverse current is applied.

Then you could plug both the Nad preout and AV amp preout into the power amp input of the Nad.

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