New MS MCE keyboard receiver query


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Dec 15, 2002
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Hi all.

The New MS MCE keyboard.

it is I believe infrared?

So for all people with HTPC's running MCE 2005 if you have an MCE remote that already works, hence must have a built in receiver, I guess your HTPC will pick up this new keyboard?

If you are putting together a new HTPC from scratch, what do you have to buy to get the new keyboard seen by MCE?

I have home here from a while back an IRMAN, is that any good?

If not a link or two would be useful.

Thanks guys

The MCE keyboard is IR & is an add-on to MCE. It requires that you already have the IR receiver that comes with the normal remote.

So if you want to buy Microsofts new keyboard, they force you to buy a remote as well :eek: that you don't want :eek: to get their keyboard working :eek: that you do want

Anybody know where you can get a receiver only that will work with the keyborad, without buying a remote?

But mce is really ment to be sold as complete package (i.e. a full system) and not sold as a boxed product.

ms reqirements of a mce computer require it to be sold c/w a remote.
So where is the cheapest place to buy thr MS remote with the IR receiver and blasters?

I have just been looking and scan have them a tad under £20, OK if you are ordering other bits otherwise postage kills it.


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