New motherboard Help

Ok after a fried motherboard and cpu which ive now replaced.

I can get into the UEFI bios, But as soon as windows loads (just after the icon) it throws a blue before it enters the desktop.

Is this because its a difference motherboard? and if so would i need to re-install windows?

and is there anyway of saving the data which is currently on there?



Yes you will need to do a fresh clean installation of of Windows 7 as it's a new motherboard.

Have you got another PC you could pop the drive into? Get it to boot from it's original drive and you will have access to the files. Alternatively if you have another hard drive/SSD install windows to it then, shutdown, then connect the current drive to it (but don't boot from it).

Failing all that, USB external HDD caddy.


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Could you flash the bios?

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