New Modem Suggestions please?

Discussion in 'ISPs & The Internet' started by oshb5ems, Feb 4, 2014.

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    Hi All

    I am looking for a replacement modem firstly because. I will not be able to afford Fibre BB any time soon. And till a month ago was still using a 8 year+ old Thomson 870WL that dropped out sometimes every day but then might go a few days without dropping out once. This was the apparent reason my Down stream Margin was up 15Db and I was only getting around 3000Kbps d/l speed. Anyway I had a slightly newer (and I do mean slightly LOL) modem router a Linksys WAG354 V 2 which is still about 6-7 years old I mean it does not even have n wifi. Well once I had got that installed and up and running its been in and has not dropped out for the time its been in about a month in all. And as a result has brought the downstream margin to 8-10Db but only slightly increased the D/L speed to sat 3200Kbps. So that along with a couple of other things I have decided to get a new modem as its about time and mine can go back into Noah's Ark and to see if it makes any improvements to the network and the. "Recent Update" I was told to restart the modem after a 10 second shut down to get the unit retrained right during daylight hours Thats has now been done and the Downstream Margin is holding steady at 5-6Db but d/l speeds are still only at 3368 Kbps :(

    Also I :mad:am looking to add a Media Player with built in HDD or a NAS and Media player to the network and is why I need the gigabyte ports. Although I have not decided which what to go with this as yet..

    So ti recap I am looking for a Modem/Router that has a good WiFi range with at least n speed Wifi network possibly more. The router needs to be Gigabit. As for USB either V 2 or 3 would be nice but not essential Obviously price comes into it but certain specs are needed so will have to work round it as much as possible. Then again going from a 8 year old unit to anything newer will be a blessing LOL.
    So if you know of any that you have used or are using Or that you know of. Then please suggest away as I would like the Modem in the network first before the other items To make sure the network is sound. and possibly give me a little increase of speed for my d/l's
    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks for your time best regards Osh

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