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With a dodgy screen and smashed back on my Sony XZ2, I've got to choose a new phone.

I'm looking for a good camera and audio (with headphones). Preferably notchless unless I can hide it. I don't want to go above £350.

I have looked at the Sony 10 II, which wouldbe a no brainer except for complaints about the camera lag, which puts me off.
I really like the version of Android.

The Samsung A51 seems to polarize opinions in reviews with average scores and top marks. The photo samples on GSM Arena look terrible, more like smeary paintings but elsewhere seem acceptable.
Historically my previous Samsungs have been full of bloatware, and the current UI looks a bit cartoonish/toy- like.

The Pixel 4A gets good reviews, but I wonder if 5.8 screen is a bit small. And the lack of expandable storage puts me off.

Doea anyone have experience of these phones or other suggestions?



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Probably one of the best phones for under £200 right now. On offer direct at the moment from Xiaomi UK


Regarding the lack of expandable storage, maybe consider a cloud account rather than relying on onboard storage?


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64gb is plenty for most users. Ive never run out and I have hours of videos, thousands of photos and over 70 apps installed.

or get a micro sd card accepting phone.


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Though I would suggest the Mi10 Lite as another option if it can still be found for £199, it has a superior processor (7nm 765G vs 8nm 750), better GPU (Adreno 620 vs 619) and a superior screen (AMOLED vs LCD).
Unfortunately not at the moment. The best price I can find for a new mi 10 lite is £238...may be in 6 to 7 months time but not right now.


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Still haven't bought one. 😱😁

I decided to wait for Black Friday, and then for Boxing Day /winter sales, and here I am. 🙄

I honestly was hoping for more reductions, and the lack of those and my indecisiveness is giving me a headache.
I got my XZ2 for well under £400, so the equalish Sony's 5 & 5ii are still far more than I want to spend. I don't really get Sony's pricing there. I could go with the Xperia 10 ii, but am also considering the Samsung A71, Huawawei P30 and Oneplus Nord (increasing budget for these).

Any thoughts on these phones?


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Not really helping at lol, but I now have a Motorola and find it to be a great phone, would recommend them, the g9 range is out now, and well worth a look.


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Well, despite having the same screen size as my XZ2, it feels too cramped. Maybe the resolution is causing the perception, its higher but means content is often tiny.
Also the single speaker is poor (headphones are ok) and the fingerprint sensor works 6 times out of 10.
Plus it was the first time I have ever bought a phone without seeing it in the store. Only JL seems to stock it online.


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I had a Sony phone years ago and the speaker was clear but the volume was far too low, don’t know if you can return a phone.


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Online purchases can be returned within 14 days for a full refund. There are limited exceptions, such as no automatic right for music and films on disc and also personalised items✌️


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was also looking at that Sony, wanted an oled around 6" with a decent spec, does it have AOD & notification led? in stock at Argos now

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