New member with no posts following a bunch of us


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I don't even know how you find this information. I guess it would help if I explored my profile once in a while :laugh:
Don't look - no good can come from it


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I have some people who follow me on LinkedIn - including the chairman of the NTSB.
In that case it is about encouraging people who join in safety related subjects.

the whistler

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I'm not really a regular poster, although I do read quite a lot of posts. I posted once about five weeks ago and my previous post was back in 2017. So i was surprised to find myself on the list.


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I am a new member 😳, i do have a good track record on other forums, reviewers and manufacturers.

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I got notification of a new follower on this site so clicked through to see who it is (because curiosity for the better of me). It turns out it is a new member from the USA who has made absolute zero contribution to the site.
I checked out his profile to see he is following quite a few regular GC contributors and can’t for the life of me figure out why?
Can anybody shed some light on this? Seems strange to me and I find it a little uncomfortable.
Possibly an old member with a new profile, who doesn't want to follow members using his original profile or - more probably - simply spam.
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