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Firstly hi,
This is my fist post so please forgive any non-teccy lingo i may use.

I am looking to buy a media player/NAS unit. I am currently in the process of returning a Mvix 780HD due to it dying before i could even finish setting it up.

What im wanting to do

right, im looking for a device that will:

a) connect to my TV and allow the playing of various media including MP3's etc both from its own HDD or via streaming.
b) act as a NAS
c) Have a internal HDD option.

I have had a look around and am a little undecided on what to buy. i did initially want a wireless connection for tidiness but feel that the connection strength could cause playability issues.

there will be 3 PC's using the box as a NAS for media files and will need to be able to stream to and from it. ideally each will have their own partition on an internal 500GB HDD, if not each will have their own file.

Budget = £200-£220 incl. delivery etc.

- I like all the things the PCH 110 does, however it is not compatible with my hitach 500GB HDD. (and aint that pretty to be honest)
- the Istar looks ok'ish but the HDD has to sit on top, not ideal.
- lots of people here seem to use the TViX kit, the TViX M-4000SA looks good and is well within budget, why's it far cheaper than the competition?
- The HDX 1000 seems to do everything the PCH does and it is shortlisted.

So, there ya go. ive narrowed my choice down to 2, (hopefully in a justified way). either the HDX1000 or the TviX M-4000SA. Ive also noticed the EGREAT EGM-31B but cant find much info on it.

of these two what would be most suitiable for me? does either have any strengths over the other that i'm missing? (especially noting the difference in price) and finally are there any compatible HDD listings available?

Many Thanks,
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The Tvix4100 is the old Sigma chipset, old stock cheap price. The one to compare the NMT against is the 6500 which is out of your price range.

Looking at your aesthetic requirements the option to go for is the HDX1000. The eGreat is noisy in comparison.


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Thanks for the reply, it does seem that the HDX100 is going to be my final choice (is this the one you mean by NMT?).

In summary please, i believe that the NMT does the following...

-streaming from youtube, veoh etc.
-NAS (Ethernet)
-streaming to/from PC's

thats about it.

Just one final bit of advise also, where should i buy from? the two places ive seen are... @ £198 (paypal exchange rate) seems delivery is free.

direct from @ around £150 incl. delivery. (the site seems to be very flakey, not loading this afternoon)

I assume i would pay taxes on ordering from the states but what about from France? ive not bought anything from oversees from the internet before...... in other words what works out cheapest?

Many thanks.

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