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Hi all

Been browsing these forums and seeing soem great advice and hoping I can pick some up for myself

I' in the rpocess of moving to a new home and want to try and understadn what satellite set up they had so I can tailor it to my needs. The house is empty so can't ask the previous owner, and I'm fairly new to this so I'd be relying on my own guesswork otherwise. I'm moving from somewhere with fSfS and now have a new TV too so considering upgrading to a satellite HD service. As i understand it, I'll need an LNB with multiple outputs to allow me to record programmes too.

The house has a satellite dish with LNB that has two cables coming from it - cables 1 and 2. Cable 1 goes straight into the master bedroom. Cable 2 heads down straight into the lounge. There is also Cable 3 which heads out loose from the master bedroom, runs outside, and then heads back in with cable 1 and leads intothe lounge.

What I'm guessing (let em know if this makes sense) is that the owner had a multiroom set up with the box in the bedroom daisy chained with the box in the lounge (is this possible). Can I easily exploit this set up to give me freesat HD in the lounge?

Also, I'd originally thought about getting freesat HD with a panasonic freesat HD recorder, but am now thinking am I better off going with Sky to get free installation, so I don't have to worry about it - as i guess i'm looking at £300 for the panasonic HDR plus whatever installation costs would be from an independent fitter (£??).

Any thoughts/advice welcome!


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Hi and welcome to AVF.
Satellite doesn't support daisy-chaining.
They obviously had satellite TV in each room, but the cable linking the two rooms is less clear.
You say you have FSFS now so presumably you'll be keeping the receiver.
All you need to do then when you arrive is to try it with the connections in each room in turn.
If they work you can go on to get any other satellite receiver, with recorder if you like.
You wouldn't be able to record one channel while watching another but it would be easy and cheap to add cables to allow for that.


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Maybe, the third cable coming from the bedroom in to the living room is an rf output, allowing the previous owner to watch what was shown on the box in the living room in to the bedroom?! Maybe the original owner had given up on multiroom?!

Can you see where all the cables are? Do they all have f-connectors on them?!

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