New MBP, buy now or wait?


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I know it's all rumours and guesswork, but is the supposed forthcoming Ivy Bridge going to offer me a significant boost over the current line-up, or will I not really notice?

I need a new MBP for several reasons, would buy the base 13" now, but just wondered if waiting would be worthwhile. I doubt any of the other supposed improvements rumoured, (SSD's etc) are worth considering for me, as the specs I'd need (e.g. 256gb SSD) would put it out of my current budget.


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If the current model does what you want, buy now IMO. The only tangible benefit of Ivy Bridge that I know of will be improved graphics performance, but if graphics performance is a big deal to you looking for something with a dedicated graphics chipset would be a wiser idea.

With regards to an SSD, you could do this upgrade yourself easily (loads of reading and tips on this forum already).


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as Rob says, if you need a new MBP now, get it, Ivy Bridge has been delayed until Q2, so you would be waiting at least a couple of months for any update AFAIK


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Graphics is a 'sort of' thing I may need.

I want a new MBP so I can use FCP X, although I only want the ability to use it as a back up, should my MP go down.

All other graphics stuff I use, PS, Aperture, Lightroom i'm happy with on my current C2D MBP, so I should be ok with any new comp.

I just didn't want the new model to arrive with a 256gb SSD at the same price point, but that would seem highly unlikely!


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Given the reported delays with Ivy Bridge, I'd buy a current generation MBP which is already a fantastic piece of hardware and you won't be disappointed. The other great advantage of Apple products is their residue value and desirability - ensuring that when the next generation is finally released, you will still be able to command a premium resale value on eBay (if the upgrade is truly needed).

I have had the past 3 generations of MBP's, and every revision of MB Air (for business use) - selling each previous version for very strong returns. I have done exactly the same with my iPads & iPhones - so with Apple equipment you cannot go wrong.

Obviously SSD manufacturing prices are dropping consideuorsly, especially as demand increases with Apple now reportedly looking towards SSD offerings only across their entire ranges.


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Yep, I'm happy to fit my own ssd, I guess I just read too much gossip, and convinced myself that ivy bridge was going to bring 50x processing power and battery life measured in months!

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