New Marantz DV4300 and new SR4300



New Marantz DV4300 and new SR4300

I picked up my new DVD and receiver yesterday. Initial impression are very good.

The new DV4300 looks great as it is very very slim. The sound coupled with the new receiver appears to be much better than my old Denon AVR F100. I know I am not comparing like with like really as the Denon is a midi size unit but price wise both packages are similar.

The sound has much more depth and the stereo imaging is much better. At present I have only wired up my main speakers Mission M73 so this review is only in stereo with source direct on but hopefully tonight I shall set the system up fully.

The DVD does get quite warm but it is not in the best place for ventilation however.

My dealer did say I might be one of the first persons in the UK to actually get hold of these items as the main stock only arrived in the uk last week.!!!!!!!!!!!


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the 4300 has been around for as long as the 5300 and I've had mine for a couple of months now. sorry:)

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