New MacBook Pro - Drive and RAM User Replaceable?


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I know the Retina model is all built in, but can I upgrade the RAM and Drive myself on the Non-Retina model?


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Cheers. Had clicked that already, but couldn't find about hard drive replacement. Judging by the diagrams it's accessible via same route as RAM?

Am buying for my Wife and thought the Air would be her thing but she preferred the Pro. Ideal really, as will predominantly be used on our glass dining table and am guessing that an Air wil slide around loads!


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I think the hard drive is accessible in the same way once you've got the back off to get at the RAM - check out the YouTube videos of people doing it, helps get an idea of how easy it is (looks fairly easy!).

MBA has better resolution than the MBP (1440x900 vs 1280x800) which might help? Optical drive is the big advantage of the MBP if you still deal with CD/DVDs?

Is it worth sticking it on an anti-slip mat or something, for either machine? :)


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After stripping a 2006 Polycarbonate iMac down and removing everything to get to the CPU, I doubt I will have a problem. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't proprietary connectors, etc inside that's all. :)

My Wife was also thinking about heavy handed 5 year olds also when deciding between the two!

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