New Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 Streaming amp


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Cool! Was a bit confused by the 'HDMI OUT' socket... but the specs state it is indeed an ARC input.
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I’m surprised it’s only £2k. I assumed it was going to come in at about £3k. I’m basing this on nothing other than my gut feeling.

For me it puts it toe to toe with the Nad M10 but I fancy trying room perfect so It goes straight to the top of my shortlist.


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At £3K it would be competing with the 2170


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That's pretty sweet, but looking at close to €3k here with exchange rate and additional tax because it's not French made, which is only 500 short of a base model 2170.


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But the 2170 does not have the streaming options built in so not surprised there isn't a bigger gap. Can't comment on French import duties but surprised that they sting you for imports from other EEA countries - thought that was against EU rules.
I don’t think this new amp is all digital ? It looks fantastic though... do I need the 2170 that’s the question... would prefer all the streaming features tbh.


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I don’t think this new amp is all digital ? It looks fantastic though... do I need the 2170 that’s the question... would prefer all the streaming features tbh.
It is all digital. Converts PCM to PWM then directly varies the voltage of the PWM signal to control the volume and this drives the speakers. Same as 2170, 3400 and SDA2400.

It may be a while before someone can give us a direct comparison of 1120 vs 2170, but if you think you might need the additional power and input flexibility then a 2170 plus compact streaming front end of your choice (which could always be hidden away) would do nicely.
Hmmm so maybe its time to sell up mine and look to get this as I am not seeing a downside for what I use it for currently...

Or as you say just get some other streaming part - there is the meridian 210 or the b&w formation audio both which support roon/spotify etc....




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Have you had enough of Dirac then?
I haven't given up hope just yet, it's just I lack the quiet time required to run/rerun setups, so until I get another free day Dirac is on the back burner.

Even just using the minidsp as a dac isn't the best. Spotify doesn't like it at all, with constant popping every 10s or so (I've uninstalled & reinstalled a few times), and with CDs there is a harshness to the treble that just isn't present using the dual mono Wolfsons of the CD82.

It's made a difference, sure. Vocals are a touch more forward, the sound stage that little wider and the bass goes that little bit deeper/better controlled, but none of these were a real issue before hand really. The question is whether there is a €600 gain adding Dirac, and the answer to that is no at the minute.



I’m a little puzzled about the Spotify bit...

But there’s a possibility that changing the internal jumpers from the 2v position to the 4v position will give you more headroom for the CD player.

I did that just to get better volume control from my Lexicon that I was using as a source gatherer and preamp.

Also, I ran the DDRC at -10 so as not to overwhelm my poweramp/active speakers.


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So this device has Chromecast built-in and as far as I am aware - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong - Chromecast doesn't support Amazon music HD Ultra, only standard quality audio. This would push me towards the NAD M10 if that is the case.

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