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Well spotted. They look great with lotsa inputs? Why no hdmi though? Are the dvi-d inputs HDCP ready?

I noticed the Vision and VisionPro both scaled to 1080p but the new entry level has left 1080p out. Why? (not that many people will be able to use it!!)

They are all HDCP compliant. HDMI to DVI cable should work and vice versa.

Lower output rate for cost saving and because the bulk of devices the Vision DVI would be used with will be lower res units.

Are we looking at 1:1 conversions in price?

No we are not. The pricing should be going up on my website and dealers over this weekend or early next week. Provisional pricing is as follows

VisionDVI £799
VisionHDP £1199
VisionHDPPro £1950

option of dual SDI for HDPandDVI, +£250
This is subject to change if currency goes nuts.....

Don't mean to overtly question pricing strategy, however , current $ ER is approx 1.85 to 1 add 20% max for import duty and 17.5% for VAT and we are still looking at £1800 for the HDPro, so the unit is still selling at approx 10% premium on the maufacturer MRSP!!!! Are there additional costs that I am overlooking?
thanks for the information gordon.
seemed like ages,nice to see this new stuff finally coming through!!!
:D compared to the iscan HD, pricing is strong. The visiondvi looks similar to the iscan yet has advantages..... i will be ordering a visionHDP as soon as i can.

Why doesn't any manufacturer put 2 DVI outputs on a video processer? It is quite common these days to have both a projector and plasma. DVI to both would be the best option. An external splitter is just messy.

With regards to the pricing, I think the UK pricing is very fair when comparing with the US pricing.

Thanks Steve,

I think that it's a cost thing on this occassion. The cases and connectors on these devices are often very expensive. Large cases with lots of real estate on the back put the price to manufacture up.

I will pass on your suggestion to Jim and Pat at Lumagen in case they decide to do a real hi-end model with multiple outputs!

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your reply. I guess there's no chance of one in silver to match my TAG equipment?

1080i de-interlacing means new chip for scaling. Or are we talking additional chip here? Lumagen is one of very few products that does correct PAL. It would be shame if something like that would change.
I also hope it is real motion-adoptive 1080 deinterlacing.
Gordon, have you seen it in action?

I'm not sure if I can explain all that is happening with regard to the processing (yet) but I can say that PAL de-interlacing will be at least the equal of the current models at a very minimum......
1080i will have film mode detection for 1080i to start. More info when I confirm I can tell you.

I have not seen a unit yet. The pre-production firmware wont be ready till early April anyway. I will have a hardware sample very very soon......

OK Jim has posted about what they are doing for processing so here goes.

They all have SIL504 inside for PAL SD de-interlacing from offset. HD will have 2:2 and 2:3 recognition straight away in HDP and Pro for film source material. Just as they have improved image quality over time with current units so they will with these. Per pixel motion adaptive de-interlacing for HD sources will be added as will the same for SD.

When they have achieved superior performance than SIL504 for SD the firmware will turn that chipset off as well.

Kinda cool I think......

Hm... it all sounds great.
Seems some Leeza owners will bite their .... off they bought too soon.

I hope Lumagen will also have enough bandwidth to do a real 1920x1080. Lately there were some fake 1080p.

"Now all we need is just a little patience" until it is really out!
1920x1080 will be processed and output at full resolution.

HD-Leeza still is great at what it does. Those who went to Event saw how good it can be when working within its abilities. I do agree though that for us over in Europe this does look like it could be a go-er.

:D ordered me a VisionHDP with sdi...... now for the horrible wait!

All the best

Arcam AVR300 or Vision HDP like buns...

Not a fair choice, I can only afford one thing.:D

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