New Lounge, no ceiling yet, want atmos - 2 or 4 speakers?


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Hi there,
Longtime lurker. Ok, so I'm finally able to get my extension finished and as I haven't got a ceiling yet, now would be the time to pick your brains as to ceiling speakers. The dimensions are 6.6m x 3.7m, (long rectangle) with a 2.4m height. Because of the shape of the room I plan on having the seating along the opposite wall to the TV. My old lounge was essentially a 3.5 metre box with a bay window. My old system was cambridge audio amp, coupled with the Mordaunt Short 304, 302's and 308 sub. All of which still work great. Now, with the increase in width of the room to 6+ metres, how do I put the rear speakers, as no room behind listener? I read the guides and it seems you can put them at 90 degrees to the listener, but at 3metres away?????
On to the ceiling speakers, I've read the dolby guides for atmos, but I'm wondering a little on firstly the placement of the speakers (as in due to the 6 metre width) secondly whether I should get 4 or 2 and thirdly the size of said speakers. The polk RC 60 I could afford 4 of these, I like you can direct the tweeter, and I figure I could fill in any gaps in the sound, but if the front ceiling are 1.5 metres in front of the listener, is it worth it? Would I be better off with 2 RC 80's set at about 2/3 distance from the screen? I also read that you could use directional ceiling speakers as the rear set of surround by moving the sofa forward maybe 20cm, and 'bouncing' the sounds off the back wall? (Would solve a headache!)
As I'm still at first fix, I wanted to get all my wiring sorted, I'm going to add an extra sub connecton on one of the side walls (just in case!)

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions, I'm also interested on thoughts on which AVR to buy and speakers. I used to keep up to speed but alas them pesky kids came along and with the build, I simply don't have the time to spend hours checking up on everything. My budget is around 4-500 for the ceiling speakers and prob stretch to the same for the AVR. We game on pc's so tv and speakers will be used for films and music mostly. I'm hoping I can use my old speakers for now till I save up for something a little more suited to this size room. PS, floor will be tiled and there will be vertical blinds, so not much in way of noise absorption!

Hope this is posted in the right section, if not humble apologies, looking forward to your suggestions.


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4 IMO.

2 lets sound go left to right and stero image to the middle. So a bird will fly left to right and above your head.

4 will let the bird fly left, right, up, down, front and behind you.

Either sound great.

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